A fourth unknown, unasked for, package brings up the question.

Last month I received three Amazon Prime packages that I never ordered. I opened the first one and saw to my astonishment that it contained hospital type shoe coverings. When I got the second one, I only opened a tiny corner and saw that it was the same thing. I did not bother opening the third one, as I had a major suspicion.

I called Amazon customer service and being rather patient at seventy-three went through about a quarter of an hour of questions. Hey, it took me only about five minutes to get a human being to answer! Great! So, when that person told me to get rid of the packages which all came from the same place, that is what I did. Oh, yes, the suspicion was that it had probably something to do with the fact that live close to a hospital, but how they could have gotten my name and address is a mystery!

Well, three days ago I got another package that I never ordered, again with no return address. It was bigger than first three but, judging from the weight, and the way things moved inside, it was another bundle of throw away medical shoe coverings.

So, I called customer service again. They were there in less than five minutes. They verified my being a customer and knew the history. This time they had me connected to another customer service agent, a woman with a delightful accent. After I had given her all the information on the package: tracking number, another number, the info on a little yellow label, etc., she informed me that this did not contain more medical shoe coverings. This contained a tablecloth and placemats. She informed me that they were mine to keep.

Well, I opened the package and what did I see? A red tablecloth and placemats with Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Guess there is a Santa Claus or are you, merry giver, hiding somewhere?

By the way, I made friends with the customer service agent. I will be visiting her in a faraway land when this virus is over!!!

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